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Our Mission:

We are committed to making our best effort in ensuring no horse is turned away + will need to go to an auction block or live in unsuitable conditions.


We strive to rehabilitate, retrain, adopt, + give retirees the best possible location for a lifetime sanctuary.

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About Our Executive Director, Shawna Anderson:

When I was fifteen, a gentleman came to me + asked if I would like to work in the horse business.  When you are a fifteen-year-old “horse crazy” girl, what else would you say but “YES”?!

After learning the in’s + out’s + seeing what happens to thoroughbreds when their racing careers ended, I said to myself that I wanted to make a difference – I wanted to change the way these horses were treated.

Over the years, so many things have changed in the horse industry as well as in my personal life, but my love for horses, especially thoroughbreds, has never faltered.  I am now able to help make the difference that I longed to all those years ago by being the Founder and Executive Director of our non-profit organization, Hi Hopes Thoroughbred Rescue, Inc.

Our goal at Hi Hopes is to rehabilitate & retrain the horses in our care and find them loving forever homes.  When that is not a possibility, we will give them a loving forever home here at our facility so that they never need to needlessly suffer, end up in an auction, or in an abusive situation.

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